Have fun in Menorca: Visit Menorca during the non-tourist season

Menorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean, offers a unique experience all year round, but there are two special moments to explore it calmly and enjoy its charm without the crowds. Spring and autumn are perfect times to visit the island, each with its own appeal and advantages. Below, we offer you a detailed guide of what to do and what to expect in Menorca during the not-so-touristy season.

Spring is a good time to visit Menorca: there are not many people yet and the good weather is already with us. Temperatures can reach highs of 22º, so any outdoor activity is enjoyable. It is the ideal time to take a leisurely tour of some of the most emblematic places on the island, such as the ones we offer you today in this post.

The port of Mahón

The largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and the second largest in the world (after Pearl Harbor) meanders at the foot of the island's capital. A pleasant tour to enjoy the sea breeze between sailboats and yachts, with wonderful restaurants waiting for you to offer you the best fish, seafood and meat specialties on the island.

The old town of Ciutadella

On the other side of the island, Ciutadella beckons us to get lost in the cobbled streets of its old town, where the palaces of the nobility and stately homes surprise us with their elegance. Take advantage on the walk to visit the Cathedral and the port, try its spectacular lobster stews and also visit its craft shops, where you will find the perfect souvenir of your time in Menorca.

Binibeca Vell, fishing port

The idyllic fishing village of Binibeca Vell is pure charm in each of its corners. A white whim of narrow streets and secret corners that in spring you can explore at your leisure, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the island to the fullest. Its labyrinthine shape invites us to take a thousand photographs while it takes us to spectacular views of the sea.

Talayotic routes

Menorca has been an object of desire since the most ancient cultures and this is demonstrated by its Talayotic legacy.  More than 30 sites are exhibited throughout the island, with navetas, talayots and prehistoric villages that transport us to a mysterious era of giant stones placed in the shape of a T: the famous Taules. We recommend you visit the Necropolis of Cala Morell, the Naveta des Tudons and the village of Torralba den Salort.

Enjoy the sea

The best thing about Menorca is undoubtedly being able to enjoy the sea and its beaches when they are still quiet. The beaches of the south are usually the favorite places of visitors, but without a doubt nothing can beat being in the middle of the sea, with the sun dancing on a drop of water of blue and gold reflections, listening to how soft waves rock our Davos Sailboat. A unique feeling of peace that you can't miss.

On the other hand, visiting Menorca in autumn is one of the best options to enjoy your holidays. Here are some reasons to visit Menorca in autumn.

Less influx of tourists

Just as you read. Enjoying your holidays in Menorca in the middle of August is fine, why are we going to fool ourselves. Sun, beach, sea... But there is what is not counted on, and that is the overcrowding of people in certain areas and places of interest on the island. In the summer months, the influx of people is such that even locals prefer not to go to certain places. However, in autumn, you can enjoy a still hot atmosphere, typical of summer, but having the possibility of finding a space to put the umbrella on the beach. Something almost unthinkable if you visit the most popular caves on the island in July or August. In addition, if you are one of those people who like to walk at night near the sea, you can do it gladly, as the temperatures tend to drop significantly.

Possibility for lunch and dinner

It's becoming a classic. The phrase 'We're sorry, but today we have everything booked' is very typical of almost any restaurant on the island during the month of July and August. If you're planning to go for lunch or dinner with friends on a Saturday, forget about it unless you've booked 3-4 days in advance. Getting a table in the port of Mahón, in Ciudadela or in Fornells, is almost an impossible task. In autumn, however, there is already a greater possibility of enjoying a good meal, or a good typical dish of the island, on a pleasant terrace.

Better Weather

During the summer, it is hot almost everywhere in Spain. This is a reality. However, the heat is not the same here as it is in the center of the peninsula. Due to our proximity to the sea, the heat is much more humid, so the wind chill is much higher. You will sweat more, and it can cause you to be overwhelmed at certain times of the day. In autumn, although the weather is similar, the days are cooler, and you can enjoy a pleasant temperature.

More Comfortable Excursions

Menorca is a paradise in terms of nature and environment. Its virgin caves, cliffs, and landscapes are undoubtedly the essence of the island. Walking along a section of the popular "Camí de Cavalls" is a classic for tourists. Why? Thanks to this path, you can access unique corners and caves that you could only reach by boat. Going on a sailing excursion is a recommended option. With the Davos sailboat, you can sail enjoying warm waters and a radiant sun along the coast of Menorca.

Water Temperature

Many will ask themselves Can I swim in Menorca in autumn?, and the answer is yes. In this time of year, the water temperature is perfect, even better than in June. According to historical data on water temperature in Menorca, at the beginning of this season, the water has an average of 25.4ºC, a minimum of 23ºC and a maximum of 29ºC. Unlike the beginning of summer, the water is cooler and its average temperature is 21.3ºC, with a minimum of 18ºC. This is due to the fact that during July and August, the hottest months of the year, they heat the sea water and in autumn we obtain the most optimal temperature range for prolonged baths.

Cheapest tickets

To get to Menorca you can only do it by air or by sea. In fact, another reason to postpone your holiday to autumn is the price of plane and ferry tickets. At this time of year you can always find cheaper tickets to travel to the island, than in summer, because these months are the most common holiday months in Spain and there is a greater demand. For this reason, operators and travel agencies raise their ticket prices in the summer months. In autumn, as demand decreases, so do prices.

Activities at sea

Not only is it difficult to find a place to eat in the middle of summer, but it is also difficult to find availability for water activities. In autumn, there is a better chance of finding a sailing or kayaking excursion. Even so, you should book in advance, in order to enjoy these unique experiences in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cultural and gastronomic offer

Menorca has always been an island full of cultural and gastronomic activity, but only during the summer months. The large number of visits we receive means that our offer is doubled to guarantee a pleasant experience for tourists. In recent years, cultural events have multiplied, whether in theatres, local markets, fairs, events, concerts, etc. It is true that most of these events take place in the months of July and August. Even so, during the month of September and October, major events with a great reputation on a national scale are held.  

In short, Menorca is an island that must be visited, and any month is a good one to do so. However, autumn, especially for the locals, is a special season for all these reasons that we have told you. Do you want to know a secret? For many Menorcans, summer begins at the end of August.