Discover the treasures of Menorca: An unforgettable journey

Welcome to a journey through the beautiful island of Menorca, a destination that captivates both national and international tourists with its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, unspoiled natural landscapes, mild climate and rich cultural and architectural history. Immerse yourself in the experience of discovering this Mediterranean gem, where every corner offers a unique and memorable adventure.

Sailing in turquoise waters

Let's start our trip feeling the sea breeze and the sun on our skin as we sail along the coast of Menorca aboard the Davos sailboat. This experience is the first option on the list of tourist attractions on the island, and for good reason. Setting sail from Cala Galdana, we'll enter a paradise of virgin coves such as Cala Mitjana, Trebaluger or Cala Escorxada. While others walk to reach these beaches, we will explore them from the comfort of our sailboat, with stops to snorkel and enjoy the crystal clear waters.

The charm of fishing villages

Delve into the authenticity of Menorca's fishing villages, where time seems to stand still and life passes at the rhythm of the waves. 

Located in the north of the island, Fornells keeps the tradition of fishing very much alive. An exceptional place to enjoy the typical gastronomy of the island. Its star dish is lobster stew. Strolling along its coast, you will arrive at the Torre de Fornells, built by the English, during their rule in the early nineteenth century. 

Binibeca Vell
One of the most Instagrammable places in all of Spain. A beautiful corner in the south of Menorca, where its white houses form a small labyrinth of narrow cobbled corridors. Walking around and getting lost in there is pure fantasy. A fishing village to enjoy for its beauty, tranquility and the sea.

The lighthouses of Menorca; the guardians of the sea

Menorca is known as the island lighthouses, and these majestic maritime guardians captivate us with their beauty and mystery. From the Favaritx Lighthouse to the Punta Nati Lighthouse, these iconic monuments bear witness to the passage of time and are a source of inspiration for poets and artists. Be sure to visit them during your stay on the island and let yourself be enveloped by their charm.

Menorcan gastronomy

Immerse yourself in the culinary richness of Menorca, a fusion of Mediterranean flavours and local traditions that will delight your palate. In addition to the famous lobster stew, the island offers a variety of dishes made with fresh and local products. Menorca is considered a "European Gastronomy Region", a title that highlights its commitment to food culture and sustainable tourism. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy unique gastronomic events during your visit to the island.

Discover Menorca on foot with  Camí de Cavalls

For lovers of hiking and nature, the Camí de Cavalls offers an unrivalled experience to explore Menorca on foot or by bike. This historic trail, which runs along the entire coast of the island, invites us to discover breathtaking landscapes, archaeological remains and the natural beauty of Menorca at every step we take. Walk through some of its stages and immerse yourself in the historical and cultural richness of the island.

These are the stages of the Camí de Cavalls: 

  • Stage 1: Mahón – Es Grau (Distance: 10 km) 
  • Stage 2: Es Grau – Cabo de Favàritx (Distance: 8.6 km) 
  • Stage 3: Cabo de Favàritx – Arenal d'en Castell (Distance 13.6 km) 
  • Stage 4: Arenal d'en Castell – Cala Tirant (Distance 10.8 km) 
  • Stage 5: Cala Tirant – Binimel·là (Distance 9.6 km) 
  • Stage 6: Binimel·là – Els Alocs (Distance 8.9 km) 
  • Stage 7: Els Alocs – Algaiarens Beaches (Distance 9.7 km) 
  • Stage 8: Algaiarens Beach – Cala Morell (Distance 5.4 km) 
  • Stage 9: Cala Morell – Punta Nati (Distance 7 km) 
  • Stage 10: Punta Nati – Ciutadella (Distance 10.5 km) South Coast
  • Stage 11: Ciutadella – Cabo de Artrutx (Distance 13.2 km) 
  • Stage 12: Cabo de Artrutx – Cala en Turqueta (Distance 13.3 km) 
  • Stage 13: Cala en Turqueta – Cala Galdana (Distance 6.4 km) 
  • Stage 14: Cala Galdana – Playa de Santo Tomás (Distance 10.8 km) 
  • Stage 15: Santo Tomàs Beach – Son Bou (Distance 6.4 km) 
  • Stage 16: Son Bou – Cala en Porter (Distance 8 km) 
  • Stage 17: Cala en Porter – Binissafúller (Distance 11.8 km) 
  • Stage 18: Binissafúller – Punta Prima (Distance 8.1 km) 
  • Stage 19: Punta Prima – Cala Sant Esteve (Distance 7.3 km) 
  • Stage 20: Cala Sant Esteve – Mahón (Distance 6 km)

Talayotic Menorca

For those interested in history and archaeology, Talayotic Menorca offers a window into the island's past. Visit the Talayotic settlements, the navetas and the necropolises that mark the presence of the first communities that inhabited Menorca. These archaeological remains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a must-see for those who wish to delve deeper into the history of the island.

If you want to discover and delve deeper into the prehistory of Menorca, you can visit: 

  • Talayotic settlement of Torre d'en Galmés 
  • Naveta des Tudons 
  • Cales Coves Necropolis
  • Talayotic settlement of Trepucó 
  • Talayotic settlement of Torretrencada 
  • Talayotic settlement of Talatí de Dalt 
  • Navetas by Rafal Rubí

In short, Menorca is much more than a holiday destination: it is an experience that will transport you to a world of natural beauty, fascinating history and culinary delights. 

Discover the treasures of Menorca and create unforgettable memories on this paradisiacal island in the Mediterranean!