Discover Menorca's Best Kept Secrets: Hidden Corners, Beaches and Caves

Menorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is known for its spectacular landscapes, dreamy beaches and picturesque corners. However, beyond the conventional tourist attractions, the island hides a number of hidden treasures that only locals and the most intrepid travelers know about.

In this blog, we will take you on a tour of the secret corners, beaches and lesser-known caves of Menorca, where you can enjoy the authentic beauty of the island away from the crowds.

1. Cala Viola

Cala Viola is undoubtedly one of its places that rarely appear on maps and in tourist guides. A virgin cove cornered in the north of the island that only the locals and few tourists know about. Its crystal clear waters make it an ideal area for diving and discovering the depths of the sea in Menorca.

2. Cala Rafalet

If you like diving and seeing the seabed, you can't miss Cala Rafalet, a magical corner of Menorca. It is a small unspoilt cove hidden between the cliffs of the village of s'Algar, in the municipality of Sant Lluís. It is a rocky cove with hardly any sand. To get there, you have to walk for about 10 minutes along a path of stones and rocks. There are rocks around the cove where you can leave your towel and jump into the water from. As it is all rock, it is recommended to wear water shoes.

3. Es Talaier

Es Talaier beach is located 13 kilometres from Ciutadella, about a 15-minute walk from its neighbouring beach, Son Saura. This small coastal corner has very fine and very white sand, with a slight slope, ideal for lying down and enjoying some relaxing time. Of course, it is so small that it is recommended to go early, so as not to run out of space. Its water is spectacular turquoise, and combined with the white sand, it creates a picturesque and very paradisaica image, which you will not be able to stop photographing.

4. Cap d'en Font

Cap d'en Font is located on the south coast between Binisafua and Binidalí. A 20-minute drive from the capital, this place has a stunning coastline, but what impresses most are its rocky caves and platforms for bathing and sunbathing. It has multiple areas where you can relax and enjoy privacy that other areas of Menorca do not offer. Ideal for grabbing your snorkel mask and delving into its waters.

5. Barranc d'Algendar

If you like hiking and heights, the Barranc d'Algendar is an area not to be missed. It is the most important ravine in Menorca and runs from Ferreries (north) to the beach of Cala Galdana (south). In some areas, it reaches a height of up to 80 meters. Its route is a total of 8 km that can be done on foot in approximately 3 hours. This excursion to the ravine is a plan for sunny days and for those looking for a middle ground between so much sun and beach.

6. Cova d'es Coloms

If you want to visit one of the most impressive caves on the island, if not the most, then you must visit the Cova d'es Coloms. A huge natural grotto 24 metres high, 110 metres long and 15 metres wide. A size totally comparable to that of a great cathedral. It is located in the Binigaus ravine, 1.6 km from Es Migjor Gran. Its path is accessible to everyone and being inside the cave will undoubtedly impress you.

7. Cala Tortuga

For many Menorcans, this is one of the best beaches on the island. The reason is that it is a virgin beach and little known to tourists. It is located 17 km from Mahón, very close to the Favartx Lighthouse. The beach is about 200 m long and sandy in character. The movement of its waters is very calm, making it an ideal area to discover the marine fauna of the north of Menorca.

8. Cales Fonts

Honestly, you can't go to Menorca, and not visit the small port of Cales Fonts (Es Castell). If you like to watch the sunrise, this is the perfect place. Well, it's where the first sun rises in Spain. At night, the lights of the town peek over the cliff and the lights of the restaurants at the foot of the pier dance reflected in the water, accompanied by their boats and Menorcan llauts. The perfect setting to enjoy the taste of the sea and a romantic walk, with friends and/or family.

9. Cala'n Brut

Some know it or call it the natural pool of Menorca. Located in the northwest of the island, in Ciutadella, this cove sometimes shows a spectacular color. An intense turquoise blue that looks like you're bathing in a pool. It is a rugged area where young people from the area usually go to practice jumps. It has various platforms and heights to jump into the water. An area that if you pass through Ciutadella, you must visit.

10. Far d'Artrutx

It is one of the seven lighthouses on the island. Located about 8 km south of Ciudadela, you will find the Far d'Artrutx. A lighthouse built in the mid-nineteenth century, and characterized by its white and blue stripes. When it was first opened, the lighting system was powered by petroleum, and electricity did not reach this lighthouse until 1930. Today you can go there and enjoy a soft drink, beer and snack while looking out over the sea.

11. Cala Pudent

In the north of the island, one of the most emblematic and secret caves is hidden. Its name is Cala Pudent. Approximately 1 km from Son Saura, this beach is characterised by the amount of Posidonia it has. It is a cove that surprises those who find it, as you will hardly find tourists and you will be able to enjoy its crystal clear waters, and discover the authentic color of the sea of Menorca.

12. Illa de l'Aire

The Illa de l'Aire is one of the small islands around Menorca. An emblematic and unique place in the world for the species that inhabits it: the black lizards. This characteristic lizard only inhabits this place. But this island is not only unique because of this aspect, but also because it is home to one of the seven lighthouses on the island. The Illa de l'Aire can only be accessed by sea, either by boat, kayak or jet ski. A place where you will hardly find people and be able to feel like a real survivor on a desert island.

13. Cala Presili

Cala Presili is for some and especially for many Menorcans, the best cove on the island. And although it does not have the popularity of the others, such as those in the south of the island, it has nothing to envy. It is usually a place where the sea is always calm, and where you will hardly find jellyfish. A place where you can spend the day and where you can see the Favàritx lighthouse from there. The only downside is that this beach can only be accessed by bus. 

14. Cala Mongofre

Near the small port of Addaia, you will find one of the most isolated caves in Menorca. The reason? Although it is easily accessible, it takes quite a while to get there. Even so, it is worth it, because in the middle of the tourist season the presence of bathers is scarce. Protect yourself well, bring a hat, water to hydrate yourself and enjoy this path and the vegetation that surrounds it, before reaching this unusual paradise. If you want to enjoy the essence of Menorca, without the overcrowding that you can find on the most popular beaches on the island, this is your beach.

We hope you enjoy these sites that are unique to us. And may you keep this secret as we have done over time.