Discover Menorca: a weekend of adventure, history and fun

Are you planning a weekend in the Mediterranean? Menorca is the perfect place for an unforgettable getaway. 

With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and a wide range of activities, this island offers something for everyone. From strolling through its charming towns to exploring its pristine beaches and coves, Menorca has a lot to offer its visitors in just a few days.

Let us guide you through the best plans for a weekend in this island paradise!

Explore nature and history

Stroll through historic streets

Immerse yourself in Menorca's history by exploring the charming towns of Mahon and Ciudadela. Discover the unique architecture, local markets, and historic sites such as the Teatro Principal de Mahón, the Church of Santa Maria, or the old town of Ciutadella.

Visit  the iconic lighthouses

Embark on an adventure to explore Menorca's famous lighthouses. From the impressive Favaritx Lighthouse with its dreamlike landscapes to the spectacular Cavalleria Lighthouse, which offers unforgettable views of the sunset. These historical monuments are a must-see.

Hike rural trails

Ride some of the most impressive stretches of the Camí de Cavalls, an ancient trail that surrounds the entire island. From the coast of Es Grau to the dramatic cliffs of Cala Pregonda, every step offers breathtaking panoramic views and the chance to discover pristine beaches.

  • Stage 1: Mahón – Es Grau (Distance: 10 km) 
  • Stage 2: Es Grau – Cabo de Favàritx (Distance: 8.6 km) 
  • Stage 3: Cabo de Favàritx – Arenal d'en Castell (Distance 13.6 km) 
  • Stage 4: Arenal d'en Castell – Cala Tirant (Distance 10.8 km) 
  • Stage 5: Cala Tirant – Binimel·là (Distance 9.6 km) 
  • Stage 6: Binimel·là – Els Alocs (Distance 8.9 km) 
  • Stage 7: Els Alocs – Algaiarens Beaches (Distance 9.7 km) 
  • Stage 8: Algaiarens Beach – Cala Morell (Distance 5.4 km) 
  • Stage 9: Cala Morell – Punta Nati (Distance 7 km) 
  • Stage 10: Punta Nati – Ciutadella (Distance 10.5 km) South Coast
  • Stage 11: Ciutadella – Cabo de Artrutx (Distance 13.2 km) 
  • Stage 12: Cabo de Artrutx – Cala en Turqueta (Distance 13.3 km) 
  • Stage 13: Cala en Turqueta – Cala Galdana (Distance 6.4 km) 
  • Stage 14: Cala Galdana – Playa de Santo Tomás (Distance 10.8 km) 
  • Stage 15: Santo Tomàs Beach – Son Bou (Distance 6.4 km) 
  • Stage 16: Son Bou – Cala en Porter (Distance 8 km) 
  • Stage 17: Cala en Porter – Binissafúller (Distance 11.8 km) 
  • Stage 18: Binissafúller – Punta Prima (Distance 8.1 km) 
  • Stage 19: Punta Prima – Cala Sant Esteve (Distance 7.3 km) 
  • Stage 20: Cala Sant Esteve – Mahón (Distance 6 km)

Discover the island's culture

Talayotic Menorca: Immerse yourself in Menorca's ancient past by exploring its Talayotic monuments. Visit places such as the Naveta d'es Tudons, Poblat Torre d'en Galmes and the Cala Morell Necropolis to discover the fascinating history of the island's first inhabitants.

Museums on the Island: Discover Menorca's rich culture and heritage by visiting museums such as the Museu de Menorca in Mahón and the Museu Municipal de Ciutadella. Explore historical artifacts, archaeological exhibits, and more to understand the island's unique history.

Do Something Different

Menorca by night: Explore Menorca's nightlife in Ciutadella and Mahon. From terraces with panoramic views to bars and restaurants with a lively atmosphere, there are options for all tastes.

Nautical activities: Take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy water activities such as sailing and exploring the unspoilt coves of the south of Menorca. With the Davos sailboat, you will have the opportunity to discover the island from a unique perspective.

Menorca awaits you with open arms for a weekend full of adventures, history and fun! Don't miss the opportunity to explore this Mediterranean paradise!